Early Childhood Program (PreK3-Kinder)

Our Lady Queen of Peace offers a comprehensive, full-day, academic Pre-Kindergarten program. A half-day program is available as well for both PreK-3 and PreK-4. Kindergarten rounds out the early childhood program. The program is developmentally appropriate and serves the needs of the whole child by providing not only readiness skills but opportunities to learn at the individual student’s pace. The individual child is nurtured and learns how to share and use their words in a Christian environment.

The OLQP program uses a hands-on, activities-based approach to develop readiness skills for reading, language, and math, social skills, and both gross motor and fine motor skills. The program is enriched by themed units of study, guest speakers, and field trips. Students benefit from classes in the STREAM lab and computer lab.

Program Highlights
Technology: computer lab instruction, OZOBOTS robots
Project Based Learning: Biography Day, Christmas Program, Science Fair, Literacy Week, Art Gallery
Themed units of study to enhance learning and creative play
Fine Arts: Grandparents Day Program, Christmas Program, Art Gallery, PreK/Kinder End of the Year Program
Field trips: Local museums, Moody Gardens, Wildlife Refuge Park
Guest Speakers

Qualifications to attend OLQP Preschool

Must be of age for the corresponding class (PK3 or PK4) by September 1 of the coming year

(Example: For 2021-2022 school year, to attend child must be 3 by September 1, 2021 to be placed in the PK3 classroom. If child’s birthday is after September 1, unfortunately the child would have to wait the following year to attend PK3 classroom.)

Must be potty trained

Please call us if you have any questions around qualifying age