Program Enrichment

Camp Kappe

Each year, OLQP 5th grade students have the wonderful experience of attending the Archdiocesan environmental camp – Camp Kappe. The School of Environmental Education (S.E.E.) is an accredited school offering a supplemental education program to the parochial schools of the area. S.E.E. provides a four-day outdoor experience of God’s gift of nature while studying life cycles, food chains, the environment’s effect on man, man’s effect on the environment, conservation of resources, etc. It offers hands-on experience with farm animals and gardening along with many other exciting adventures in outdoor education.

Forest Glen

Junior High Students attend Forest Glen Christian camp for four days every Fall. Christian counselors facilitate team building games, bible study devotionals, high and low ropes courses as well as archery, rifles, ping pong, basketball, soccer, horse shoes, fishing, owl pellets, tree and microscope study.

Science Fair

Each year, OLQP hosts a science fair. Participating in the fair supports the development of many skills: curiosity, discovery learning, academic research, data collection and analysis, and presentation skills.

Scientific Method
Data Collection
Analyze Data

All students are eligible to participate. In lower elementary, beginning in 4th grade, students are required to participate. Science teachers mentor students and teach the scientific method. Beginning in middle school, engineers and scientists from the community-at-large mentor students and provide feedback as students progress through the project.

The final product is then judged by area teachers, scientists, and engineers at the OLQP Science Fair. Students may choose to enter their projects in the Brazoria County Science Fair.

OLQP Science Fair Stats: 

  • 78 students participated from PreK to 8th
  • 8 community mentors helped junior high students from September until the end of January
  • 29 judges from the community
  • 7 staff to tally results
  • 5 OLQP alumni returned to enter data and collect judge evaluations

Brazoria County Science Fair Stats:

  • 36 students participated
  • 2 Best of Shows (6th grade and 7th/8th grade)
  • 18 medals: 8 gold, 7 silver, and 3 bronze
  • 34 First Place ribbons, 1 Second Place Ribbon, and 1 Third Place Ribbon