Our Lady Queen of Peace – Religion Overview

The religion curriculum is at the heart of the school. Students begin the day with prayer. In pre-school, the students participate in prayer in their classrooms. Grades Kindergarten through 8th grade gather in Marian Hall for morning prayer. Middle school leaders facilitate prayer and mentor younger students. Scripture, lives of the saints, traditional prayers, and devotions are the focus. The community comes together to celebrate special feast days such as All Saints Day and May Crowning. Mass is celebrated weekly.

Students deepen their knowledge and understanding of God, Church, community and the world. They are given the tools and encouraged to deepen their spiritual life through prayer, Sacred Scripture and the Sacraments. Social justice concepts are taught to each grade level, taking into account their maturity and ability to appreciate and appropriately comprehend the issues presented.

As students mature through the OLQP program, they continue to develop a deeper relationship with God in prayer and in daily interaction with each other. They participate in mentoring and service in order to see themselves as God’s instruments in the world and as agents for good. The students are expected to live an authentic Christian life and are challenged to follow Jesus: “What would Jesus do?” is the clarifying question.