Home and School Association

What is Home and School?

The Home and School Association is an organization that helps parents and teachers cooperate between home and school. We fill a need for social and academic development not covered by tuition, within Administration’s approval, and help to acquire an appreciation of the ideals of Catholic education.

H&S raises funds throughout the school year from t-shirt sales, the Sweets Booth at the Fall Festival, and passive fundraising. These funds are used for either academic or other needs not covered by tuition. (examples include RAP t-shirts, graduation lunch for the graduating 8th graders, teacher wish list items, projectors and document cameras for the school, etc).

Membership: Open to all parents or guardians of the pupils of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School, members of faculty and staff of this school and those interested in the betterment of the school. To view the Home and School Association Bylaws or meeting minutes click here.

 Passive Fundraising

Click here to download a list of all our passive fundraising programs with regional and national partners such as Box Tops for Education, Amazon.com, Kroger and many, many more.

 Teacher Favorites

Click here to view your teacher’s favorite things.

Teacher and Staff Favorites

H&S Meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 8:15am

We look forward to seeing you.
Sincerely, Home and School Association

President – Katherine Sparks
Vice President – Jackie Robotham
Secretary -Stephanie Gamino
Treasurer – Open
Special Events Coordinator –
Room Parent Coordinator – Danielle Avalos
Lunch Room Coordinator – Leslie Mata
New Family Coordinator – Jackie Robotham
Passive Fundraising –