The Sr. Antoinette Endowment Fund

Established in 2000, the endowment fund helps support the operations of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School, and provides scholarship and tuition assistance funding to the students who are in need. Aptly named, this fund is aligned with OLQP Founder, Sister Antoinette’s dream of having the ability to give all children, regardless of income level, the opportunities and blessings of an OLQP education. Gifts to the endowment fund are perpetual, and as the endowment grows so does the school’s ability to carry on this mission. We invite you to be a part of this growth!

If you would like to contribute to the Sister Antoinette Endowment Fund or would like more information please call the Development Office at 979-265-3909 ext 105.

Story of the Nest Egg

Approximately one year prior to the opening of OLQP, Sr. Antoinette was given a coconut shell with rocks in it by a gentleman who had picked it up the mountains of Mexico. He told her that this would be her nest egg for the school. When she askedhow the nest egg would benefit the school, he replied, “You will find a way!” For many years, this nest egg has inspired donors to give to OLQP. It stands as a symbol of how even the most ordinary person or seemingly insignificant object can be used to accomplish God’s plan.

“Every work needs preparation. It seems that God works out His design by first putting that desire in someone’s heart and then bringing it to fulfillment. He worked that way with Our Lady Queen of Peace, writing straight with crooked lines, choosing a very ordinary young woman to do the groundwork for Him a nd giving her the background and temperament necessary to get the job done.”

—Words of Sister Antoinette Peltier